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Our Customers Speak!

Here's just a few of the comments from our many satisfied customers....

We can't say enough about how pleased we are with your excellent service and timely shipping. Our slot machine arrived and within 10 minutes, we were pulling the arm. It looks and plays like NEW!

Thanks so much for taking care of us so well. We saved so much on this one, we'll likely purchase another as soon as possible!

The Edwards

MARTY, The Slot Machine...arrived this morning. It took me 2 hours to unpack - The Shipping Department...did a FANTASTIC job! The Machine could have been dropped from the Empire State Building...with NO damage! I FINALLY got the Slot Machine unpacked and I am " happier than a pig in slop " ! I'll TRY to give YOU a CALL...tomorrow about buying more tokens. Thanks. Fred...in Sioux Falls, where it's been snowing since noon. (Invoice #03-522)

Fred and Mary

Hi Marty- happy new year!!! GREAT machine and I will definitely be back for another later this year...count on it! Spectacular packaging job!!!

Mike Pasternack

Steven Moore ( Columbus, Ohio

Comments: Have had my igt double diamond deluxe for about 3 months...couldnt ask for a better machine.

We love it...planning on buying another...probably a 5 pay line next time.

Steven Moore

Hey Marty, thanks for the quick phone service on our machine. You got it back up and running with a few tweaks in no time. Not being able to service it myself was a major concern I had before deciding to buy one. However, you have been right there when I needed some help and that is a good feeling. Best of luck, Edward J. Gibson, CPA Email ed@jhelmer.com

Edward J. Gibson

Mark Daniels Bayswater, NY 11691 I just received my new stampede deluxe machine. I must say that I love it. You did a great job with the packing of the machine. Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels 11 / 04 / 04


Hi Marty :

I got the machines out of customs on Saturday and YES they are beautiful!! Your help in working with us to set up our country's first casino is very much appreciated. Thanx so much! Martin S.


Thanks Marty. We received our Wild Cherries slot machine today. Packaging was excellent. The machine looks and operates like new. Hope you use this in your testimonials--notice to perspective buyers: Why shop anywhere else ? Slot machines usa provided us with an excellent machine, well packaged for shipment all at a very reasonable price, and their operating manual is top notch.


John Schmitz e mail mrpapajohn2@mns.com February 22,2005

I love my slot machine --


I received my Triple Diamond machine from you this week and can say that I FINALLY have a slot machine that I love. Your machine came packed very professionally and if a gorilla had handled it, the machine would not break.

Your manual with the machine is easy to read with all of the information that I could ever need. I am impressed with the turn around time also that you got my machine to me. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for the great job.

Dale Walters Newark, DE

Dale Walters

Ken Davis 37485 Crestview Prairietown, KY

Comments: I bought two machines for Marty. Both are out of warrenty but Marty still takes his time to talk me through any problems that I am having. His service is GREAT.I recomend Marty and his machines to everybody! THANKS marty,




Dear Marty, Let me say you and your entire staff was so helpful in assisting me on a Slot Machine I was looking for. Not only did you spend the time with me explaining about the condition of the machine, but you also went into detail how you refurbish and test each machine before you will allow it to leave your Plant. The process of purchasing a quality Las Vegas Slot Machine was so easy. Marty, you were 100% correct regarding the transportation carrier you use. They called me a day ahead of time, and when they pulled up they lowered the machine on their liftgate and wheeled the machine into my garage. The box was that you placed the machine in was brand new with strapping and shrink-wrap to keep the box in perfect condition. Then I opened the box and all of these packing peanuts came falling out. Enough to fill 3 leaf bags. Then the machine was wrapped in the protective Bubble wrap. Holy Cow You could have dropped this machine out of a plane and no damage would have happened. Well, I got the Machine into my gameroom and fired it up after reading your set up instructions. The machine works great. Perfectly Clean and looks brand spanking new. You really do care about your slot machines. My first one was so good I ordered another one for my neighbor. Marty, Thanklyou for the honest answers, and the care in which you take with each machine you sell. You are a true Act which I feel many other companies should follow. You care about customer service. A true class act. Thank you Again. Kenneth Nagy USA

Kenneth Nagy

marty, my husband, frank, gave me a bally game maker for christmas. i have had a ball playing all the different poker games and the slot games! frank could not have chosen a better present for me. i feel like i am in las vegas every night when i sit down to play the variety of games at my fingertips. i want you to know what a jewel of an employee you have in chad dunn. i have called him several times to walk me through processes that i couldn't get. he is patient, thorough, and talks in language that i can understand. because of chad, i know that if i have a problem, a solution is only a conversation away. because of the positive experience we have had with you and your company, we would recommend you to anyone. i look forward to the time when contact you to order additional machines. sincerely, dede braun

february 9, 2006

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